Friday, May 18, 2012

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes! - An AMAZING YouTube Video

I borrowed this post from my FAB sister's blog (The Chic Squad), who borrowed it from the Wonderful blog of Wendy's Lookbook.  This video is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!  I love to wear scarves; they are a great compliment to an outfit.  And now you have 25 ways (with detailed instructions) to wear your scarf, AND you also have 2 new blogs to bookmark.  ENJOY!!

The Chic Squad: 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes! - YouTubeI honestly cannot remember the last time i wore an outfit without a scarf. I realized it has become a part of my "look" when i randomly ran into a friend the last time i was in New York. We bumped into each other at an event at the Javit Center and she said, "I wasn't sure that was you until i saw your scarf!" I can't explain how excited i was when Michelle made this scarf tutorial! I've tried about 10 of these style but i still have 15 more to go :-) This weekend while I'm in Paris i'll be trying the classic drape, the double rainbow, the braid and the turtle neck :-) Stay tuned for some photos... (by, Davida Selby- The Chic Squad)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Things I learned from my Mommie

All of Us at Mommie's 50th Birthday Party
On this Mother's Day I want to take a moment to thank my mother, Elsie A. Blankson, for all that she has done.  She is an amazing woman, who single-handedly took care of the four of us, and we NEVER wanted for anything.  If I may say so myself, we all came out pretty well.  As a mother myself now, I can relate to many of the things she taught us that didn't quite register at the time.  As a mother you want to provide for, teach, protect, and love your kids.  She did that and more for us, and we Love an Appreciate you Mother.  You are GREAT!!!
A Young, Fly Elsie
IN honor of my Mommie, here are the Things I Learned from MY MOMMIE.  : ) <3

1. A lady never leaves home looking good, while her house is a mess
2. Children learn what they live
3. "Do as I say, not as I do."
4. Don't have your school calling me!
5. C's are unacceptable in HER house
6. As long as you live under (her) roof......
7. Always be present AND on time
8. Don't burn your bridges
9. Travel, and experience different things.
10. Get the best education you can; no one can ever take that away from you.
11. A lady doesn't curse. (still working on that one)
12. Smoking is gross
13. Always wear nice underwear; you never know if you might have to go to the hospital.
14. Always tell someone where u are
15. I give you the world, so any man you meet would have to exceed that
16. Always respect yourself
17. Never a lender or borrower be
18. Do not lend things you can't afford to never get back
19. Don't buy things you can't afford to pay for in cash (or pay right off). SAVE!
20. You won't always be that size (boy was that the truth)
21. Do not keep carrying that baby & letting her sleep in your bed. (Of course I didn't listen)
22. It's what you know, but it's also who you know.  Network!!! (she's the Queen of this)
23. You gotta know how to cook
24. Men don't respect loose ladies.
25. Roll down your windows & save your gas. (Not one of my favorites, LOL)
26. Always have a book to read
27. If u can stay out late on Sat, u can wake up and go to Church on Sunday
28. God will provide!!!
29. Know your 4 C's (the only C's she accepts) LOL

30.  Be FAB (you deserve it)

My Mommie at Babie Onassis' delivery

I might not say it aloud, but my Mommie knew best.   : )
Me & Mommie March 2012
Mom's favorite quote
The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.   Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth

Mom's favorite song for her children
If I Could, by Regina Belle

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teacher Appreciation & 21 Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week

Mommie Onassis is a HUGE proponent of Education.  I truly believe that education is important, absolutely essential, and it opens so many doors for us all.  No matter what you want to be, it's important to be educated on the topic, become well versed, an expert in that field.  Who does not want to hire someone who knows their field inside and out as their President, Lawyer, Realtor, Doctor, Mechanic, Plumber, Counselor, Beautician, Investor, etc.  Sometimes education is as simple as reading a book and doing some research.  Knowledge is power, so we must empower ourselves.

All of this to say, that most often that knowledge, education comes from a teacher.  They lay the foundation for what we learn, and are often the motivation to learn even more.  Unfortunately teachers in this country do not get the respect (or pay) they deserve for educating the masses.  Public school teachers, especially, are expected to find a way to reach any child that walks through the door, even with all the varying circumstances and challenges that may provide.  It's often said, "Well they get summers off," and rightfully so, when they are charged with the task of teaching your children and preparing them for their respective futures.  They literally have these precious lives, even they country's future in their hands.  Teachers are often up (off the clock) grading, differentiating, planning, researching, calling/emailing parents back, completing recommendations, and sponsoring extracurricular activities to help ensure their students' success.  This doesn't even take into account the numerous hats they wear (counselor, babysitter, referee, etc.) while in the classroom.  With minimal pay, 6 weeks off (when most have summer jobs anyway) pales in comparison to what they do throughout the 10 months.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, another way for us to show our gratitude for the heavy load that teachers voluntarily take on, molding us and our children.  A small token is all it takes to say, THANK YOU TEACHERS (EDUCATORS) FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!  

While a simple Thank You card would surely suffice to put a smile on a teacher's face, you know Mommie O' had to find some Extra FAB ways to help you show your appreciation. 
(If you are on PINTEREST follow me & for the complete folder.) Here are some ideas to help you:

1. Flowers or plant (real)
2. Donate to a charity in their name (If you know they are passionate about something or maybe they are someone dear to them are battling an illness. This is a nice gesture)

3. Picture Frames (Maybe insert your child's picture or a nice phrase)
4. Gift Card (Target, WalMart, Staples, Movies, a Spa or Nice Restaurant are good ideas)
5. Buy them Breakfast or Lunch (works well when there are several teachers)
6. Create a picture book with Current (and/or past) students (try Shutterfly)

7. Personalized mementos (my favorite site is Personalization Mall)
8.  A nice plague
9.  A good Book(s)-  Books to read, or resource books in their subject area
10. A nice journal (try Barnes & Noble)

 11. Stationery - personalized is even more FAB (Try Jakardesigns)
12.  Baked goods (Bought or homemade, if you can bake)
13. Candles
14. Perfume/ fragrances/ lotions ( try Bath & Bath Works, Sephora, or Philosophy)

15. A personal letter from the student and parents (laminate it for a permanent touch)
16. Art- especially with nice quotes
17. A teacher T-shirt 
18. Poster (to hang in class) - for Example (Teacher Poster)
20. A nice pen (Mommie O's favorite is the Swarovski Crystal Pen) - Sshhh...
21. Fill a bag/cup/basket with treat (ie. popcorn, snacks, bottled water, pens, markers, highlighters, notepads, a gift card, candies, etc.)
Customize bag at


Of course, you can go more high-end (Hint: iPad) if you wish, but these are FAB & budget friendly suggestions.  The better you know the teacher the easier it is to personalize the gift.  However, any gesture of gratitude will go a long way.  So try it out, and post comments to let Mommie O' know which ideas you loved, and to share your own ideas!  
And remember, Being Smart is FAB!