Thursday, April 12, 2012

FAB Mommie of the Week Award

It is definitely a refined art to be able to be a FAB Mommie.  As Mothers we do so many things at the same time, taking care of the kid(s), taking care of the hubby, working, cleaning, cooking, and the plethora of tasks we accomplish like it's second nature.  What makes a Mommie a FAB one in the World of Mommie O' is being able to do all these things, while also taking care of yourself, and looking great doing it.  
This week, the Mommie who seemed to accomplish this in grandeur style is Blue Ivy's Mommie, Beyonce.

Whether you love her or not-so-much, the 2 things I'm sure we can ALL agree on are that:
1. She is a Mommie
2.  She is Fabulous
That being said, Mrs. Beyonce Knowles-Carter took some time off to relax and rejuvenate in the waters of St. Barts.  We all know how stressful, and hectic those first months (years) of motherhood can be, even if you have help.  As mothers we know the importance of being able to have some "me" time, so we are not mad at "Queen" Bey for getting hers in this week. 


The crowing criteria for Beyonce's FAB Mommie Award is her confidence to hit the beach in a swimsuit only 3 months after having her daughter.  I don't know about you, but 4 years later a swimsuit is still my nemesis!  We might not all be able to take have our Mommie Moments in St. Barts, on a yacht, or even in a swimsuit on the beach, but we all need to take a page from Beyonce's book and remember to take those much deserved breaks.  

This week Mrs. Carter showed us how to do so, and do it well!  
So whether it's at a movie, dinner with the girls, a spa day, a weekend in Paris, or a trip to Miami, ALL Mommies must take of their capes sometimes and take a break. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Blazing Trend

According to the reliable source, Wikipedia, blazers got their name from the "blazing" RED color of the coats originally worn by the Lady Margaret Boat (rowing) Club of St. John's College, Cambridge, in 1825.  They seemed to blaze their way right into the world of fashion and prestige.  To this day blazers are still a staple in private school uniforms across the globe, military uniforms, college sports clubs, and even prestigious sporting events, such as the (golf) Masters.  Blazers signify a hybrid of style, prestige, and class.  Since its debut in Cambridge blazers have become a hot trend today, transcending its place in men's wardrobe and becoming a fashion accessory for all, women and children alike.

Blazers can be found in varying styles, materials, colors, and prices, making it a piece that can be worn year round, and are accessible to all.  A nice blazer can easily take a professional outfit into a night outfit with a simple change of shoes or bottoms.  They can be worn with jeans, a dress, a skirt, or some slacks.  There is no limit to the versatility of a blazer!  We have seen this fashion trend on the very streets we walk all the way to the fashion pages of magazines and red carpets.  Some of our most FAB celebrities have been spotted wearing blazers, Queen Bey, and even the Princess of Cambridge.  Kim Kardasian makes it a part of her daily wardrobe, whether dressed up or  in casual attire.  

There's something about adding a blazer to an outfit that makes one feel like he/she is dressed for success.  It adds that sexy yet classy edge to a casual look, and gives a very glamorous look the option of being played down.  We can't help but love Blazers for our current FAB fashion trend.  Mommie Onassis suggests a pair of sexy heels to take that look over the top.  If you are just getting into the trend experiment with a suit jacket to get the hang of it, then start with simple, cost efficient blazers at GAP, H&M, or Banana Republic.  For those already blazing the trend get versatile with it, and add color and different styles.  Make sure to follow me on Pinterest to see the Blazing looks I love for this season.  No matter how you wear it you cannot go wrong, so go ahead and BLAZE your own fashion trail.
Click the link below to see varying blazer styles and their retailers.

Pink H& Blazer