Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Little Gym

My daughter has been going to The Little Gym since she was 9 months old.  We started with the Mommy (and Daddy) & Me classes, and we absolutely LOVED it.  Now my daughter is 4, going on 5, and LOVES The Little Gym more than I ever imagined.  She wants to spend every waking moment there.  She's in the Giggle Worms gymnastics class; she attends EVERY Parent Survival Night; she's had her last 3 birthday parties at a Little Gym; and she's recruited several of her friends to attend as well.  Most recently the Giggle Worms walked on the Saint Patrick's Day Parade, down the middle of DC, and will soon perform at the Washington Wizards Pre-game Show.  These are excellent opportunities for these children to gain confidence.

What we love about The Little Gym is that it helps the children build their confidence and coordination.  The staff their are very nurturing, and patient; their love for children is evident.  That makes me feel secure having my child in their care.  We have visited the Little Gym in Smyrna, GA, and are family members at The Little Gym in Clinton, MD.  I truly got the sense that no matter which Little Gym you attend you will have the same inviting, caring, and learning experience.  In addition to the mommy and me and gymnastic classes my daughter is a veteran in, they also offer ballet & tap dance, karate, dance and sports.  The Little Gym also has camp options for the summer time and days when students are out of  school, they host birthday parties, CPR classes, and the infamous Parent Survival Nights, where they keep the kids on a Friday Night so parents can have some time to themselves.  Elle begs to go every Friday (actually every day), and we do no object.  She comes home happy, yet worn out, with an art project in hand, and pizza (her favorite) in her tummy.  All are happy!

I could go on forever about this wonderful treasure that is The Little Gym.  I'm there so much I'm THE MAYOR on their FourSquare (wink, wink).  I would suggest parents look into joining one in their neighborhood, because it truly helps the young one with their motor skills, agility, and social interaction.  They offer a monthly payment plan as well, because we all have to be conscious in this economy (I know).  

If you are in my neighborhood, visit The Little Gym Clinton's page at or 'Friend' them on FB at
If not, find the one closest to you at

MommieO' is sure you will NOT be disappointed!