Friday, January 25, 2013

The Elle Chronicles- Getting Out of Mommie's Bed

Can someone please help me get this child out my bed?!

Starting early... She looks like she's having Waaaay too much fun.

Let me start by saying that I know it's my fault, and I'll accept that, but 5years later the child has officially moved into our bedroom.  I'm not quick to say this, but my mom did tell me so!!
The day we got home from the hospital she said, "Don't put that baby in that bed with you!"  But she was my new baby girl, and I was not letting her out of my sight; I was going to do it my way, and I did not want to hear it.  Plus I had to breast feed her, and every other excuse we come up with to keep the babie in the bed.
MORAL of the story:  Experience (parents) often know best.  (But don't tell mine I said that)
This is now the sound advise that I give to every new mother!

The "Why Am I In this Crib?" Look

Here we are, 5 years later, and I feel like I have tried everything:
* We've redecorated her room with all her favorite things and colors
* We added a TV/DVD and all the different night lights you can find
* We've slept in there with her the first few days until she fell asleep
*  I've slept there alone to show here how appealing her bedroom is ........  

       AND NOTHING WORKED........

We have had sporadic consecutive days of success, only to see the return of Elle to our bedroom, with credit to her Daddy.  On some occasions she'll fall asleep there then jump into our bed after her 2AM bathroom break, with acceptance from Daddy.  Or sometimes she'll fight and resist sleeping in her room by sitting outside our door and crying, only to to saved by Daddy.  I know, I know, I see the trend here.  I get it.  But again, what is Mommie to do when Daddie and Babie are broken hearted?
Does their collective "pain" outweigh the pain I feel when Elle's legs kick me in my tummy or my head during her wild sleep; or the frustration I feel when she lets one rip under our covers during the middle of the night?  At this point, I'm choosing peaceful sleep, fresh air, and no back pain over the distraught child in her perfect, pretty, pink room.  Now to get Daddie on board too.  Pray for me you all!

The worse part of this Tragedy is that Elle has the power in this situation (I hate so say, but I'm being honest here).  She knows exactly what to say and do to get Daddie to save her.  She knows Mommie made a huge mistake and is paying the price.  

Here are The ELLE Chronicles for this week.
This is Elle having a conversation with my sister (TeeTee) and her roommate (Celeste) about her sleeping in Mommie's bed still.

Celeste:  So Elle you have a pretty room, why don't you ever stay in it?
Elle:  I go in there to watch movies, but that's it.
Tee:  So why don't you ever sleep in your room.
E:  It's because Mommie made a mistake putting me in her bed when I was a babie.
    (Collective gasps)
C:  So what are you going to when a new babie comes?  That babie will have to sleep in the bed with Mommie and you'll have to sleep in your room like a big girl.
E: NO! Well if she does that she'll be making the same mistake again.  So she has to put the new babie in her bed, and I get to stay.

What do you say to that logic??  Not only is she not moving, she has it all figured out too. HELP ME!!

Elle (finally) spending time in her room (not sleeping though), with her TeeTee.

When I figure it out, I'll be updating you with successful tips to get your child out of your bed (because I know I'm not the only one).  Because whatever works to get Elle out of our room, will work for ANY child.  Stay tuned!


  1. You and hubby must get on the same page with this. Sit her down and tell her she has to sleep in her bed. Then take turns being the enforcer. When she gets out of bed, put her back in and don't give in to her tantrums. Be consistent. It may take a week or a month. The key is not giving in. When she stays in her room for a night, give her an award or incentive. Celebrate so that she will do it again. God Bless!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. And you are absolutely right! We must get on the same page, and I mean quick. Daddie has to buy into this transition & we must be consistent. The part I love is the incentives. That should help. I will definitely keep you posted. I'm going to start with Daddie first!!